P.K. Subban

Arbitration day is here for the Habs & PK - here's hoping they work something out.


Hope everyone is having a good summer. Remember to wear bug spray.

Budweiser Music House

Here's some art I did for the Budweiser Music House, hosted at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern at this year's NXNE festival. I had a good time working on it, but unfortunately it got canned at the 11th hour. Oh well - I still had a good time at NXNE.

Puck Pals!

Puck Pals!

As many of you probably know, I'm a huge hockey fan (Go Habs Go!). So, in the spirit of my Dugout Doodles poster, I went ahead and created the Puck Pals!

All 31 NHL teams are represented in this print (note: updated for the start of the 2017-18 season) - some are instantly identifiable, others draw more on the rich history of their respective team. Some viewing hints:

• Each team is placed in accordance with their geographic location (it was tough to deal with the crunch on the east coast)

• Some teams draw on history - the Detroit Red Wings, for instance, reference the automotive history of Detroit, as well as an inspiration for their name & logo (the Montréal Winged Wheelers)

Puck Pals can be purchased through my store - click here for the goods!


Harry Dean Stanton

"Look at those assholes, ordinary fucking people. I hate 'em." 

- Bud, 'Repo Man' (1984) 

A classic line from a classic movie - if you haven't seen Repo Man, I'd recommend it. Anyways, here's a portrait of Harry Dean Stanton, just because.


Dugout Doodles!

I had started my Dugout Doodles series as a daily project a few months ago, and have finally finished it!

All 30 MLB teams are on the poster, in a pretty loose cartoon style. I had a great time making this, and found the change of style and playfulness it afforded me to be quite refreshing.


Check it out! - Dugout Doodles screenprints can be purchased through my store! 




#8, Brandon Prust

So - I'm a huge fan of the Montréal Canadiens. Last season was pretty fantastic, and makes me really excited for the next few seasons. 

Here's a quick piece of Brandon Prust , one of my favourite additions to the team last year. 

Can't wait to see him in the "CH" again this upcoming season!



Northwood Cold Brew Coffee

It would probably be an understatement to say that I'm a fan of coffee. From my early days of chugging down Tim Horton's, to my present day high-grade black coffee habit, I've become...well, somewhat addicted to having a good cup of coffee (or three) every morning.

So, I was pretty thrilled to have been asked to design Northwood 's cold-brew coffee labels. It's pretty great coffee, and a good way to beat the summer heat.


Check out the labels, and if you find yourself around Christie Pits park, stop in at Northwood and grab a cold brew coffee! 



My Favourite Building

When you think about where you live, you can probably name a few "favourite" things - restaurants, bars, streets, parks - but what about buidlings? 

I could probably list a handful of each example, but when it comes to buildings, I can pick a definitive favourite - Mies van der Rohe's Toronto Dominion Towers. The stark, less-is-more design of the original three buildings stand out amongst Toronto's notably concrete-heavy buildings, and have cemented (ha ha!) themselves amongst not only mine, but many others' favourite buildings in the city.

Here's a quick piece dedicated to sharp, bronze-black skyscrapers! 


Quick & Dirty

Here's a selection of drawings I did for a recent group show, Quick & Dirty , with the amazingly talented Darryl Graham & Nimit Malavia. The idea was behind the show was to produce pieces in no more than 3 hours.

I had a lot of fun making these - while they were eventually turned into screen prints, there's something I quite like about these quick pencil drawings.



Hello, and welcome to the new website.  Expect updates, news, and other "fun" things to be posted here as they come up.